Results Accelerateur™

With Individualized Guide Support

We know what you’re looking for.

You’re looking for ways to be more focused and effective. As an entrepreneur, you have big plans and dreams, but you often get distracted by less important things that prevent you from achieving your goals, or at least slow you down. You’ve realized you aren’t organized around your success and you’re looking to create a better plan.

We get it; we’ve searched for the same things.

It’s why Ascendeur developed the Results Accelerateur™ with Individualized Guide Support.

With our Results Accelerateur™ you’ll get:

Better Results, Faster

to get where you want to go in less time

Increased Focus and Effectiveness

with fewer distractions

More of What You Want in Your Business

and life and less of what you don’t want

To Rediscover and Enable Your Purpose

for more impact in your business and your life

An Elevated Entrepreneurial Journey

and peer group experience

Our Results Accelerateur™ with Individualized Guide Support Consists of:

Structured Program

Our structured programming keeps entrepreneurs on the path to success.

Guide Delivered

Our expertly-trained guides deliver high quality entrepreneurial training.

Success Plan

Development of your 360° Vision™ and annual S.M.A.R.T. Targets™ to clarify goals.

Whole Focus

Focused on the whole you: Self, Family, Tribe, and Business.

Guide Partnering

7 hours of 1-on-1 guide partnering with monthly check-in and quarterly checkups

Results Evaluation

Annual results evaluations with a guide to assess results and plan for next year.

Peer Group Preparation

Assistance with Peer Group Exploration Prep for issues and obstacles in your way

You wouldn’t climb Mt. Everest alone.

Your entrepreneurial journey should be no different.