Entrepreneurial Peer Groups

and the Entrepreneur Network

We know how you feel.

Sometimes you feel anxious and alone, and even isolated at times in your own company. You’re out of balance. You have too many issues, too few answers and not enough people to go to for help. Your current network has limited access to quality professionals and resources to find the solutions you need to build your business. You’ve even made avoidable mistakes that have cost you precious time and money.

We know, because we’ve been there.

It’s why we’re building Ascendeur around our Entrepreneurial Peer Groups and The Entrepreneur Network.

When you join, you’ll get…

To build trusting relationships

with growth-minded peers dealing with and overcoming similar issues

To learn from other’s entrepreneurial experiences

to avoid mistakes and find better answers in less time

To improve your leadership skills

learning and interacting with a group of entrepreneurial leaders

Time to work “on your business”

not in it (as well as other areas of life) with peers to create new perspectives

Access to a network of entrepreneurs

vetted resources and community events offering additional support and solutions

Our Entrepreneurial Peer Groups and The Entrepreneur Network Include:

Growth-Minded Peers

You’ll be in the company of 7 to 9 peers from non-competing businesses.

Confidential Environment

To create a safe space for sharing real issues.

Entrepreneurs Only

Get to know fellow entrepreneurs who can relate to what you’re going through.

Entrepreneurial Community Events

Join us for 6 community events per year where you can meet other people like you.

Access To Larger Community

Through Ascendeur, you gain access to a large community of like-minded people.

The Entrepreneurs Network

Get access to a dedicated resource center just for entrepreneurs.

A Peer Group Experience For All Entrepreneurs

We’re already in an exclusive club; we’re entrepreneurs!

You wouldn’t climb Mt. Everest alone.

Your entrepreneurial journey should be no different.